The origins of I.M.O. go back to the year 1965. Over the years there have been changes in name as well as location, in order to continue providing the best possible service to our clients. IMO's most valuable asset is our personnel with the know-how and experience they have gained. This team is the consistent foundation beneath the changes of location and company name which have been made. The knowledge we possess allows us to offer our services in many areas including hydroelectric power stations, power stations, pumping-stations, sewage farms, water intakes, irrigation canals, fish farms and irrigation systems. We are responsible for the design, manufacture, transportation, mounting and implementation of sluice gates, stop logs , screens, pre screens, screen cleaners, and their accessories for all kinds of installations, whether large or small and with different volumes of water. Whether it is a small installation or one on a larger scale it is certain that we have experience with a similar project and that we are the best option. In its early days, the company carried out its works in the countless plants in the surrounding area, but, due to our customers' needs, that area has been growing over time. Currently there are I.M.O. facilities throughout Southern Europe and Latin America. Our work process, from initial design to final testing complies with ISO 9001.